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Action Plan:


"That which we persist in doing becomes easier - not that the
nature of the task has changed, but our ability has increased."

                        Ralph Waldo Emerson


Does this sound familiar?  If you are in business or planning your future it should.

What is an action plan?  Generally a series of timed actions or activities that help you obtain certain objectives.

Why not have a detailed action plan on this web site? 

bulletThe main reason is the need for you to show interest an initiative in obtaining your objectives. 
bulletAnother reason is that everyone has different objectives and to present a plan here for every objective is not reasonable.

However, with that said (written) below are a few very basic "Action Points."  These are just starting points and specifics can be developed later (I will focus on the financial issues here):

bulletDecide to make changes in your life.
bulletDetermine your existing financial situation, e.g. Financially Poor, Secure, Comfortable, Free
bulletThis is critical, even if you do not participate in a business I have listed please sit down one evening with your spouse (if married) and take a very close look at your existing financial situation.  Determine your income sources and expenses and how they are likely to change over the next 1, 2, 5 etc. years.  Perform this review monthly.
bulletStrangely enough many positive events tend to happen once you have made the "DECISION" to change your situation.
bulletWhat do you "realistically" want to accomplish, e.g. develop an IGA contributing: $1,000/mth,$2,500, $5,000, $10,000 etc.
bulletThis may sound strange but it is important to decide what you would do with extra money (even if you are currently wealthy, what would you do with the extra money), e.g. pay off bills.  Paying bills is fine but after they are paid what would you do with the extra money, e.g. retirement, home, parents' health care, college, establish an endowment etc.
bulletHow much time will you devote to developing your IGA, i.e. business?
bulletIn other words what are you willing to give up?  Most people fill their day with "something", meaning you would have to not do "something" (e.g. watch TV, bowl) in order to do "something" else that will help you reach your financial goals (remember the "pay now play later" saying mentioned earlier)
bulletDecide what type of business you want.  For example:  do you want a "brick and mortar" business i.e. store front?  Do you want a Business that can be run from home?  Do you want a Home Based Internet business. 
bulletDecide how much money you realistically want to make.  This may sound strange but making an extra $500 a month will be easier than making an extra $5,000 per month.  However, many online business opportunities are flexible and provide LEVERAGE and one can increase their income simply by duplicating their efforts.
bulletHow much are you "willing and able" to invest monthly, i.e. time, money, effort etc.
bulletStick to your goal.
bulletDream big - never lose sight of your dream and don't let others destroy it (only you can do that).


"People that kill other people's dreams are people who have given up on their own dreams." R. Kiyosaki


I am confident that you can be successful to the level you want to obtain. 

All you have to do is initiate the action.  Then an action plan specific for you and your objectives will be developed.

You have a lot to gain and nothing to lose but a little time.




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