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Business Overview


"Only those who risk going too far, can possibly find out how far one can go."

                            T.S. Eliot



You have 2 basic choices in your work life: 

Work for someone Else - or - WORK FOR YOURSELF!

Strangely enough most employees work harder for the success of their employer than themselves.  It is OK to work for your own success.

Will your present JOB or Business give you what you REALLY want over the next 2-4 years?  If not why are you doing it?  And why not look for something that will?

If you are interested in your future you should investigate another opportunity thoroughly? 

How many people (including yourself) really like their current situation?  


Do you have all the money you would like?


Do you have all the free time you would like?


Do you really like what you do?


Do you determine your income?


Are you paid what you are worth?

If the answer to any of the above is "NO" then ask yourself, why not? 

As mentioned elsewhere, if you were going to invest your time, money etc in a business, would you want one that is growing rapidly or one that is old and no one wants the products?

I have asked a number of successful business people; if they could design their "Perfect" business/investment what would be some of the key elements. Below are several of the key elements of the "Perfect" business/investment mentioned:


Low risk / High return


Low entry cost


Rapidly expanding industry / market


Proprietary / Patented products


No limit to income


High time / effort leverage


Products that are effective, affordable, profitable and add value


Global market


No "glass ceiling"


Flexible time commitments

You are at the "Right Place" and this is the "Right Time." The only question is: do you recognize it and will you take advantage of it? Remember the Millionaire's Mind section, they were able to recognize opportunities where most others were not.

Selecting the correct business/investment is critical.

In evaluating any business make sure you have adequate information to make an "Educated" and "Informed" decision.  Below are a few areas that you should investigate:


Company:  (strong, experienced and well financed)


Market:  (rapidly growing)


Industry:  (established and growing)


Products:  (unique, patented, work, add real value to people)


Training:  (extensive, simple, worldwide)


Marketing/Opportunity:  (simple, proven, effective, no financial limit, no "glass ceilings")

Get all the information you need to make and informed decision.  I will help.


As I mentioned on the Home page, I have, over time been asked about businesses that are simple, low cost, can produce various amounts of income and do not require a large Overhead.  Below are examples of various Franchises and Businesses that follow the more "Traditional" business approach, i.e. large investment and their comparison to the ones that I have presented on the Business/Income Opportunity page.

Business Income Opportunities

Comparison of Numerous Licensing and Franchise Opportunities

Obviously, many opportunities exist for the franchising and licensing of business concepts.  Most of these concepts have extremely high capital requirements in addition to the initial fee, mostly to purchase inventory, hire employees, secure retail space, and so forth.  With the businesses I have presented here the income potential compared to the required capital is truly extraordinary.  Also, the overhead is virtually non-existent compared to the "traditional" business.














Marketing, advertising, and business consulting




Big O Tires

Tires, wheels, automotive specialties




Miracle Auto Painting

Production auto painting and collision repair




Tan & Tone America

Tanning and resistive exercise




Baby USA

Infant & children’s furniture and accessories




Hobbytown USA

Trains, games, and gifts




Gingiss Formal Wear

Formal wear rental and sales




Precision Door Service

Garage door repair service




Seal Master

Mfg. & supply pavement maintenance




Talent Tree Inc.

Full service staffing




Big Apple Bagels





Beaner’s Gourmet Coffee

Euro style café




General Nutrition Centers

Vitamin & nutritional  products




Bresler’s Ice Cream

Ice cream and yogurt




Bevmax wine & liquor

Wine and liquor superstore




Honeybaked Ham Co.

Glazed ham and turkey





Carpet Cleaning









IGA Businesses Here

Various Opportunities




* Not required, but some business owners invest larger amounts than the minimum.





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