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Income & Expenses


If you were to go around asking people what would make them
happier, you'd get answers like "a new car," "a bigger house,"
"a raise in pay," or "winning the lottery." Probably not one
in a hundred would say "a chance to help people," and yet
that is what brings about the most happiness of all.

George Burns



This section is quite a bit different than the rest of the website. 

As I did the research on the Business Opportunities mentioned here, I ran across a number of products that I felt that many people, families or existing businesses may find interesting and helpful.

With that in mind I selected several products in various categories that you or someone else may be interested.  Most are very unique and all provide a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (MBG), so your risk is very low.

For full disclosure, I do have a business arrangement (my primary business) with the companies listed and would appreciate your consideration of their products.

A link to their respective web sites is provided here for you consideration and convenience.




bullet XBox Repair Guide              60day MBG*
(downloadable guide)
Repair the XBox 360, Guide, Videos, Instructions

bullet Panic Away                              8 week MBG
Guide to stop panic attacks
Non-medication approach

bullet Satellite TV for PC                8 week MBG
3000 channels worldwide; 100% Legal
Sports, Movies, News
View on the PC with downloadable software
1 low YEARLY payment

bullet Go Wii®                                      60 day MBG
No. 1 Wii download service
Unlimited downloads
No monthly fee



bullet Registry Easy 5.1
Free Download(3.9 million+)
Scan, Repair and Speed Up PC


bullet PDF Creator
Free Trial Download
Easy PDF creation
Merge files into PDF and Email


bullet Perfect Optimizer
Free Trial Download
Optimize PC and Fix multiple problems
(slow speed, Blue Screen, Dead Lock errors)



*Money Back Guarantee





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