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Do you really want more MONEY and/or TIME FREEDOM - GUARANTEED???



If you have come to this page then you are probably like many that have made it here, i.e. you are at the end of your research of online business opportunities and no that you have decided on starting an online business.  However, if you are like most, by now you have gathered some much information your head is about to EXPLODE!! 


I understand that because I have been there also.  The easiest, and most costly, is to do nothing.  That is what many do.  That's why the 5% rule applies to almost everything.  What is the 5% rule?  Roughly it means that about 5% of people are successful no matter what business is evaluated.  Examples:  5% make over $100,000 per year, 5% of business succeed more than a few years, 5% of online businesses make much money.   So your choice is be the 95% that want something or be the 5% that do something. 


That is one reason I put this information page together.  There are literally 100s if not 1000s of Home Base Business Opportunities on the internet. 


Due to numerous requests, I have reviewed numerous Business/Income Opportunities and have listed several below.  The ones listed are different in approach and each should match most peoples personality that are looking for a business.


I have used Business/Income on purpose because a few of the Opportunities that I have listed can provide you with and additional Income (which could be very beneficial to you depending on you circumstances) but will not provide the income and Leverage of the "Businesses" that I have listed.  I have presented several in each category and provided Pros and Cons of each group.  These business opportunities may be conducted from Home and generally just require online i.e. web or internet access and a modest amount of training and out or pocket money required.  The choice is yours. 


Also, all of the Business or Income Opportunities presented provide a "MONEY BACK GUARANTEE", for a period of time.  Therefore, other than a little time, there is no financial risk to you.  Home based businesses are growing rapidly for various reasons, not the least of which is they generally are simple, income can be considerable and overhead is small. 


In fact, many people have started an online home based internet business from a spare room, using an old PC and an old desk. Even with this they have become successful in a very short space of time using proven systems and some simple methods you can learn. I know what it takes to start from nothing... with nothing... and make a success of your life.


A key is to not replace your existing JOB with another JOB, which many "Traditional" businesses do.  Make certain the if you choose a Home Based Business (whether online or not) look closely at what characteristics of success are required to make the money you want.  As a rule people set modest income goals initially (mainly because it is hard for most people to think really BIG at first), but once the initial income goal is reached you tend to think, that wasn't that hard maybe I will set a larger goal next time.


A key to really big income and business success is LEVERAGE.  Meaning that you may duplicate your efforts with limited effort and that you can essentially put the business on "cruse control" after your initial set up time.  For example in a JOB you work 8 hours and you get paid for 8 hours (hopefully).  If you don't work you don't get paid.  However, with the correct business opportunity you should be able to work 8 hours (figuratively or course) and get paid (with limited extra time required) for 100s or 1000s of hours.  For example, ine may write a book once, but sell 1000s of copies, i.e LEVERAGE!!


There are many Online SCAMs that one has to be careful of and I have tried to eliminate these during my research.  Also, I have only presented a few here.  Why, time for one thing the other is "Information Overload."  This means that with to many choices or information many people just "throw up their hands and run away."  One should pick one or two Business Opportunities (whether online or home based) and learn them thoroughly.  Another situation you will find with many online products, businesses etc. is that you may find that disgruntled people, competitors etc may write "Scam Reports" about the company you are researching.  While you should not ignore it, one should take it "with a grain of salt."  Meaning that nothing is for everyone and you could be passing up a chance of a lifetime by listening to a "loon."  That is why it is important to have Free Trial periods and Money Back Guarantees' when you are evaluating a business opportunity or just and income opportunity.  As with anything you should do your on Due Diligence on the one(s) that you pick so you are comfortable.


I know that I have been a bit verbose, but Knowledge is Power and I am here to help.

As a background, Marketing 101 basically states that one should FIND a MARKET and develop a PRODUCT for it.  This approach works great.  You are supplying the market with what it wants.  This is the easiest way to success.


Over the years this approach has changed more to, I have a PRODUCT now I need to develop a MARKET.  This approach, while possible may be very difficult.  One is trying to convince a group of people, i.e. Market that they want and need something.  TOUGH!!!


As with any type business there are two basic approaches:

  1. Develop or own a product and market it:   While this can be profitable, this is the most difficult approach, with the highest risk.
    Examples here are: Macintosh® Computers and iPhone®.     

  2. Market someone else's product:  This tends to be the easiest and most flexible, plus very profitable if done correctly.  Risk is much lower.
    Examples here are: most department stores, e.g. Target®, Walmart®.  They make virtually nothing themselves but market many company's   products.  


Below are a few Home Based or Online Based Business Opportunities that you may be interesting in and a few Income Opportunities that you may what to participate in.  The businesses are designed to be very flexible with the ability to change products and markets as needed.  This flexibility is almost impossible with the more traditional "Brick and Mortar" type business.  Each business ranks very high in market acceptance.


Everything below Has Worked, Currently Works and Will Work and is currently making many people HUGE amounts on money.  The only question is whether you will recognize that and get your share???

Truly good business people RECOGNIZE an OPPORTUNITY and ACT on it!!!



Business Opportunities:


Maverick Money Makers           60 day MBG*
Top rated Internet Business for years
Extensive training videos, Business options, Examples
Income from personal products or resell other products
Low (no) cost marketing approaches
For those that want great training and long term income Options
Extremely HIGH income potential





Copy N Profit 2.0                        60 day MBG
Highly rated business approach
Essentially "Copy" one or more of the numerous proven
campaigns and ads and "Paste" onto your own website.
Good training but marketing costs may be a little higher
For those that want a "No Brainer" approach
Very HIGH income potential




1 Week Marketing                        60 day MBG
Developed by a lady to stay home with family
Simple more structured Action Plan, i.e. 7 day plan
Flexible options, low cost marketing
Good income potential



MyPhoneRiches                            60 day MBG
Mainly for the "Teckno" person
Develop and market applications for the iPhone®
Step-by-Step approach to development and marketing
Many extras
Good income potential


Investing Opportunities:


The ONLY Forex Trading Robot you will find that actually nails trade after trade in live trading
TWICE as profitably as in the 9 years of back-testing!
“FAP Turbo NOT Only Back Tests To The Tune Of 5,000% Profit In 9 Years (Or 48% Per Month)...
It Actually Delivers DOUBLE The Profits In Live Trading - 100% Per Month!”


FAPTURBO really changed my life, making me money on autopilot. It tripled my account in 3 weeks!
Charlie, San Diego
Just wanted to let you know that in the last 36 hours Fapturbo has run 27 trades, 26 of which were winners and one loser.
Your software is really amazing. In only 5 days I was double my account and I sleep good.  Damir P; Croatia





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Income Opportunities: 
(while I have listed basic income options below, for the time and cost associated with each I feel you are better off long term choosing one of the above business opportunities - your choice)

A caution here also, be certain to obtain an extra email address (not your primary one) to use when using the below opportunities.  You will get a large amount of unsolicited offers (understanding that it is just companies trying to do their business) and you do not want to clog up your primary email address.  I experienced this flood of emails during my evaluation process.

Realistically, both of these can provide about $1,000 per month income and both offer a 60 day MBG.

    Legit Online Jobs


  REMOVED:  I removed one item since I was not comfortable in suggesting it.




* Money Back Guarantee (MBG):  As a side note, these guarantees are very liberal and to your advantage if a program does not work for you.  However, the product providers are small business people trying to make a living also and are providing a way for you to do the same.  With that written, one should not abuse the guarantees provided.                                 




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