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"Vision Without Action is Just a Day Dream"

Company Mission: Improve the financial and physical well being of people worldwide








This website will provide various sources of Free information.  While my primary business over the last 10+ years is Business Consulting for existing small to medium size businesses (marketing, expansion, cost control, strategy, management etc) and helping people to start new businesses, increase their income and decrease their personal time needed to run their business, I have had numerous and increasing requests for suggesting Home Based Business Opportunities and Income Opportunities for people that do not have the $5,000 to $100,000 it typically takes to start (average of about $80,000) a new business, and would like to work at home for various reasons.

With that in mind I have researched, as a service, a number of business opportunities that are Home Based Business Opportunities and Internet  or Online Business Opportunities, that people may start with minimal out-of-pocket expense and provide supplemental ($1,000+/- per month) to job replacement income of $5,000 to $10,000+ per month.  These businesses and income opportunities are listed on the Business and Income Opportunity page of this website.  As an additional service I have also added some helpful and unique products that you or your family may be able to use on the           page.

What may you ask, is in it for me?  Hopefully as your business grows in size and your income increases you will need additional help to expand or manage your business and time, and think of me!!

Much of this website will provide a basic overview of the areas and information anyone with an existing business and those starting a business will find useful.  This website has a significant amount of FREE information (for personal use) and please take advantage of it.


Below are the 3 basic thinking processes associated with the above statement:


Poor-Minded ThinkingI don't have the money to invest!


Middle-Class Minded ThinkingThis is to good to be true!


Rich-Minded ThinkingSounds good.  I will evaluate this to determine the risks and benefits!

In the Poor-Minded Thinking approach people most likely do have $100 to invest in and income or business opportunity, but they don't want to take a risk.  They don't want to change and likely don't have the skills to determine the risk and rewards.  Also, they don't want to take the time and effort to acquire the skills, which most could easily.  This group tends to have very little Income Security.

In the Middle-Class Minded Thinking approach they are really saying they do not have the skills to evaluate the opportunity and/or they do not want to take the time.  Most knowledgeable people know that there is no such thing as "to good to be true."  There are only good, bad and neutral business opportunities.  Having the appropriate knowledge to determine the difference is the key element.  Most people however, blame others if they are not successful in a business endeavor instead of saying "it was my fault, I did not investigate this adequately." 

In the Rich-Minded Thinking approach people have acquired, over time, adequate business knowledge in an area or have advisors they can call upon for advice before making a business decision.  They are willing to take reasonable risks for a good return.  They have confidence in themselves and feel they will succeed.  They can recognize a good business opportunity and are willing to take advantage of it.  (check out the Millionaire's Mind section)  this group tends to provide the salaries for about 95% of the people in the US.  

This is where you should go to the: Business and Income Opportunity page for further overview and options.

"People that kill other people's dreams are people who have given up on their own dreams." R. Kiyosaki

Who is ultimately responsible for your Financial success?




Your company?


The government?


Someone else?

If you answered anything but "YOU"  you can stop here (unless you are changing your mind).  If you answered "YOU" then continue to read this web site, you will benefit even if you do not participate in my business investment.


"Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell
you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising
which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out
a course of action and follow it to an end requires...courage." 

                                Ralph Waldo Emerson


I would like to introduce a term that may be helpful as you review this web site and the investment opportunity here.  The term being used is "Wealth Factor (WF)."  This essentially means, how long could you maintain your existing lifestyle if you stopped "physically" working (e.g. going to your job).  Some may have a WF or 3 months, 1 year, 5 years or longer.  However, if your income (from all sources) is greater than your expenses your WF could be indefinite.  And it can be if you have adequate Income Generating Assets and they are set up correctly.

Here is an example:  WF =  Monthly Income (from all "non-job" sources) / Monthly Expenses.

If your WF is greater than one then you could potentially live indefinitely without having a "job."  Of course you would want a good buffer for inflation, unexpected expenses etc.

Review the section on the "Millionaire's Mind" for insight on how Millionaires view opportunities and the keys to their success.

You only have to make the "decision" to change your situation.  After that it is just a matter of choosing the right "vehicle" to accomplish your goals.  Remember the "Millionaire's Mind" approach.  The correct "vehicle" could be a traditional "brick and mortar" business, a home based business an online or internet business or similar.  The point is that there are many business opportunities available one just has to have the desire to find one and take advantage of it's benefits.



Success "Road to Riches" (or not), the choice (s) is yours:

Our choices during our trip down this road determine were we exit.

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     Born                          EXIT                      EXIT                              EXIT                                                                     

    Everyone              "Poor-Minded"   "Middle-Class Minded"     "Rich-Minded"
    Starts Here,                Thinking                   Thinking                        Thinking 
    i.e. we start
    with nothing                                                                                           


Financial Security Index

The next graph is a general representation of how much time one spends generating his/her income which relates to financial security

The General Rule:

The more personal time that is required to generate your income, the less financially secure you are !!


Remember this point:  People that make $1,000/month or $100,000/month all have the same amount of time in a day (i.e. 24 hours), the main difference is what they do with that time and the "income vehicles" they use.

The top left of the graph below is basically someone who has a JOB.  They get paid for a certain time and action.  Income may be high (doctors, lawyers) or low but they still must work or not get paid.

The top right of the graph below is typically small business owners that their success is dependent on the person actions at their business and if they are not present the business tends to decline.  Income may be high but financial security is low. work time is usually high.

The bottom right of the graph below the most desirable point.  This group have developed businesses (many times several) that do not require their personal time (or very little) for the business to continue.  Income is high, security is high, free time is high, work time may be low (optional). 

Business and Income Opportunities





Income (Investment) Return And Control Graph

This next graph is a general representation of how much control a person generally has over various investment or business income sources and the return on investment income generated.
The General Rule: 

The more income obtained from traditional investment sources (CDs, Stocks, Businesses) the more one has to invest, i.e. a high income from stocks generally requires a high $ investment.  Additionally you have virtually no control over investment income from stocks or CDs and limited control with a traditional business.  However, more "modern" business opportunities (e.g. internet, home based etc) one generally has the ability to change rapidly from one product or business approach to another with little additional investment in time or money and therefore can quickly take advantage of changing market conditions.  A more traditional business has much more difficulty doing this.

Business and Income Opportunities:








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